Not only can you see the family cemetery from the house and the house from the cemetery
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We're a few of the Hiram Wilson Family
  many of us have gone on to a better place

Click Here for Zack McCreary Mammy Wilsons Brother , BORN 1884

Isaiah and Hannah Wilson ..cracks in picture are made by age

Isaiah Wilson b 1849 d 1920 and Hannah Osborne Wilson b1858 d1896
Date photo made unknown but newspaper behind the photo dated Nov 11 1899
I belive in this picture Isaiah is about 26 years old which would be about his age
when they were married that would make the picture made around 1875



Hiram (Pappy) wilsonHiram Wilson son of IsaiahLouisa {Mammy} WilsonLouisa Wilson McCreary

mammy and myrtle

                                                            Mother Louisa and daughter Myrtle Just Fishin 

Standing is May-Mildred-Viola-Alice-Granny-Martha-Monroe and Myrtle sitting is Delores and Howard

The old Uncle Tom store in Sunshine

Howard and Monroe Wilson on the old Uncle Toms store porch

Howard at home

Howard at home

  connie jerry and carl with Mable and kids  Mammy Jerry and Connie
I think thats Tuffy by the car wheel                             Jerry Granny and Connie, Hiram and Bobbie on the left?
 I see Jerry, Carl, Connie, Mabel, Virginia, Lynda,
Peggy, Brenda,and Bobby  and ??                                                        

                         Bobbie says The two above was at a family picnic many many years ago in morehead

6 Sisters7th sister Deloris

                                                                     Mildred---Myrtle--May----------Alice---------Viola --------Martha-----------Deloris

Howard WilsonHoward Walton wilson    Monroe Wilson  Isiah Monroe Wilson 

Joyce  and Hiram s. wilson Mabel and mother Myrtle
Joyce-Hiram Smith Wilson-Mabel and mother Myrtle

                                                              Harold at Viola's Christmas time 1997                    

                                    Young Harold                                                      Harold Carter Wilson
      Harolds son Howard s. Wilson                                        Killed in service
                      Howard S Wilson                                                               Harold (Smokey)Wilson JR       

             Kathy Wilson (No picture)

Nancy Alice Harolds youngest     
Nancy Wilson

These are the children of  Nancy Alice Wilson Woodall 

                                                    prom dance                                                             
                                Stanley Marcus Woodall             Brittany Nichole Woodall           Crystal Lynne Woodall

Alice and Granddtr CarissaMother Alice and Michael Andrew Gross          

    Garrett Scott Gross  Garrett Scott Gross   Garrett  Garrett in his latter years                                                

Jim Ray GrossJim Ray Gross                                 Jim at 16

More pictures of Garrett and Jim Ray on the gallery page

                                                  Brothers Harold,Jim Ray,and Hiram Wilson

                                             Heres Gunnar Elijah Gross Jim Ray's new Grandson

                   Here's Gunnar in June 2001 he's growing


                      Tommy Gross  and Helens wedding day

                     Hiram Smith Wilson being awarded The Medal of Valor in Korea

The Shepherd Family

Jerry Shepherd and dtr BeckyJerry Shepherd and Daughter Becky

Harry Shepherd Jr.. SonnyHarry Shepherd JR            Dallas Wayne Shepherd  Dallas W Shepherd

Martha ShepherdMartha Shepherd

Connie Stanton Family

CONFAM.JPG (17086 bytes)Connie'sFamily                                                    MildredMildred Wilson

                               Sandy, Connie and JonSandy, Connie, and Jon Santon 

Connie and Mark (Connies a grampa)Connie and Mark                                     Connie StantonConnie Stanton

     carl and mildred 2007 las vegas  Carl and Mildred Las Vegas 2007

The Hiram Smith Wilson Family

Carissa WilsonCarissaWilson                                              Granny Wilson and Carissa 2 mosMammy & Carissa

Hirams family Joyce, Carissa and KyleHiram's Family JOYCE,CARISSA & KYLE

Kyle WilsonKyle Wilson                                       Hiram Smith WilsonHiram Smith Wilson

                      The Jusbasics'
                                  Viola Jusbasic Christmas time 1997
                                 Mother  Viola 

                               Viola-Jim and Myrtle                                Myrtle-Marilyn and Viola

                                               Viola-Jim and Myrtle                                                                                Myrtle-Marilyn and Viola 

                       Jim Jusbasic's son JamieJim's son Jamie

         Jim and Donnie Jusbasic       Jim Jusbasic                      

                         (Jim) and Donald (Donnie) Jusbasic                                                                        Jim Jusbasic


                Jims grandtr   Abby2004                                                                                                                                                                                             Three generations papaw Jim, Jamie and Abby

abby 2007                                                                                            
                                              Abby is Pawpaw's girl                                                                               Abby 2007

Just relaxin
                                       Just Relaxin

       Brenda Jusbasic        
Brenda Jusbasic another cutie

The Hibbards

May and Clarence Hibbard

May and Clarence Hibbard

Peggy HibbardPeggy Hibbard                                        Barbara HibbardBarbara Hibbard

The Brothers Estes
William Joseph Estes                                      Roy Estes JR and neice Amanda

                                 Billy Joe Estes                                               Roy Estes {Buddy} and  G Neice Amanda Estes

                        Bill and Carl
                           Bill Estes and Brother Carl

Bills Daughter Debbie and Her mother Francis
                Bills daughter Debbie--Bill and Francis her mother in2001
                        1996 getting old   
                                                    Carl and Bill  in 1996 

                          brother Buddy                \
                         Brother Buddy in 2004

Carl Estes and his grandchildren

             Carl Estes with new grandbaby Amanda Leigh EstesCarl and Amanda  Shes twoShes twenty one months here

amnda06 Amanda is 7 here

                    Chriistopher Allen Swain a Bill Gates lookalike                                   

                                                                      Christopher   Swain 

                                    Grandaughter Sarah Lynn Swain

                                                                                                     Sarah  Swain

Opening night at Howards bar..Carl, Howard and Harold
Carl Estes,Howard and Harold Wilson open night at Howards bar


Do you have any pictures of family members that I can copy? Are we related? If so

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